This is a demonstration page showcasing Reach-in’s technology. It is organized to provide a 5 minute introduction, an in-depth view into markets and use cases, technical Q&A of how the platform works, and a demonstration of the technology right here on the page. Be sure to view the first two videos as the rest of the documentation pre-supposes an understanding of this information. Don’t skip, as the information builds on itself to provide a comprehensive overview.

Aspects of this technology
  • Users can control (almost any) physical device/machine from across the globe.
  • There is no complex networking on either side of the connection; it works over the unconditioned (public) internet.
  • No video player is needed to see inside the room. Video runs “in-browser” and is browser agnostic with almost no delay.
  • There is no end-point needed to control devices; i.e., no static IP addresses are required to control the machines/devices.
  • Scalable framework and scalable software – the same code runs multiple markets and multiple devices.
  • Software requirements for end user to download – None. Not even a plug-in.

Our software is not dependent on any specific hardware. We are not “a device” and are not overly particular on the hardware that is used to run Reach-in’s code, as long as it supports a 32/64-bit operating system and has enough horsepower to run our code, we are happy to layer our software as part of almost any hardware solution. Descriptive video here